Media Studies

1. The media makes me feel ashamed to even be apart of this generation.

2. It pushes me to look a certain way in order for me to fit in with people and to be accepted.

3. It pressures me to over think that depression is that all this generation is about.

4. The media portrays women in ways that make me and probably a lot of other girls/women in this world that we have to be thin, we have to eat this kind of food, we have to listen to this type f music.

5. The media tells everyone that they should be themselves and to not worry about anything and not have a care in the world but in the end we all just get judged for it.

6. It makes me scared to even think about being myself, because I feel like I’ll get judged for what I believe in or what I say.

Media Profile :)

Media Profile 🙂

Where do you spend the majority of your time?

Hanging out with my friends.
Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I think it’s a good thing, to get out and enjoy my time with my friends.
What could you do to improve this area to make your quality of life even better?

Spending more time with my family because I feel I could be more closer with them
What surprised you about the totals of where you spend your time?

Probably video games because I’m the one who doesn’t really play a lot of video games. I’m mostly with my friends.
How many hours did you spend with family?

I spent about 1 hour and 20 minutes with my family.
Who is raising YOU?

Social Media is raising me. I feel as is Social Media is where I find how to help my life process itself.
How do you think your media profile stacks up against other teenagers your age? Find someone and review their profile…

It stacks up because teenagers spend way too much time on Social Media and not enough time socializing in person, theres always a screen between faces.
What was noticeable different? Why do you think?

Family time because one was very low on spending time with their family than the other and I think this because I have a smaller family than Brittney does.
What was the same?

The same is the amount of time we went to school. 


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